Yard Waste

Residents can receive only ONE yard waste cart per household.

In an effort to decrease our reliance on single-use plastic The SWSD recommends the following:

  • Use paper bags instead of plastic. Paper bags can go directly into the composting process. All yard waste placed in plastic bags must be debagged before the contents can enter the composting process.  
  • Use a 32-gallon bin purchased for your local home improvement store. You can also request a city-issued 96g yard waste can from the city FREE of charge.
  • Mulch your leaves and yard waste back into your yard using your lawnmower

Brush Service Collection

Beginning October 5, 2020, we are providing a brush collection service for an additional fee. If there is a storm that blows through and it takes down a tree, residents can call and we will come to give you an estimate on how much it costs to pick it up. The charge is per time we show up.